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Prepare for Emergencies

be prepared for emergencies

Being prepared for outages and emergencies is important for us and our members, especially for major outages caused by ice storms, floods or other events. During major outages, it could take hours or even days for power to be restored, depending on a variety of scenarios such as impassable roads or flooded areas preventing access for our crews. 

We have an Emergency Operations Plan that provides us with an orderly, coordinated approach to electric service restoration during emergency situations. To be safe, it would be wise for you to be prepared for emergency situations as well. Below are some tips you can use to prepare for emergencies or power outages. The American Red Cross also has a comprehensive checklist of tips to help you prepare.

Keep the following supplies on hand in case of an emergency:

      • A supply of flashlights and batteries; they’re safer to use than candles.
      • A battery-powered radio and clock (so you can stay informed).
      • A cellular or corded telephone.
      • Cash for emergency purchases, as ATMs may not work.
      • A supply of bottled water and food, along with a manual can opener.

Prepare for power outages by:

      • Backing up important computer files and programs. Also, turn off computer equipment when it’s not in use to prevent unexpected shutdown issues.
      • Storing water in plastic containers in your refrigerator or freezer. The chilled or frozen water will help keep perishables cold longer in the event of a power outage. Leave enough space in the containers to allow room for freezing water to expand.
      • Making sure your automatic garage door opener has a manual release feature.
      • Keeping your vehicle’s fuel tank at least half full (gas stations depend on electricity to operate pumps).
      • Installing a generator, if continuous electric service is required for health or safety reasons. Never operate a generator indoors. Important: Please notify PEC before installing a generator. Learn more about generator safety.



American Red Cross Outage Checklist

Be prepared for outages with these tips from the Red Cross

Call 888-883-3379 to report an outageCall
to report an outage.
Use SmartHub to report an outageLog in to
to report an outage.