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How We Restore Your Power

When you call PEC to report an outage, your outage information and any damage you report is entered into our outage management system. This information is reviewed and summarized along with information from other members who've reported outages. This helps us to map and pinpoint the trouble areas and efficiently dispatch repair crews.

We begin our restoration at the point where the power feeds into PEC's system. This could be on a transmission line, at a substation or on a main distribution line. After these have been repaired, the crews then work on remaining outage problems. Crews correct the trouble in areas that serve the greatest number of members first and work until electricity is restored to each member's home.

PEC outage restoration process
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Report an Outage

Get information about how to report a power outage when you call PEC at 1-888-883-3379

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Power outage FAQs

Frequently asked questions about power outages

Outage Restoration Graphic

Download to see a graphic representation of our outage restoration process