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Power of Community - Pedernales Electric Cooperative

PEC supports efficient, non-intrusive outdoor lighting

Protecting the beauty of the night skies

Our commitment

In August of 2011, PEC's Board of Directors passed a resolution committing the Cooperative's support to efforts to promote outdoor lighting that is efficient and non-intrusive. Our goal is to minimize light trespass and our commitment includes only using fixtures designed to reduce glare and keep the light focused on the surface of interest instead of where it is not wanted. We will retrofit existing outdoor fixtures with shields provided the member pay the cost of the shield. We will also replace non-shielded lights with newer, night-skies-friendly fixtures upon member request and at the member's expense.

LED area lights

Following action by PEC's Board of Directors, the Cooperative will discontinue the installation of High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide lights as of May 1, 2014. Installation of Mercury Vapor lights was discontinued more than 14 years ago. Instead, LED lamps will be used for any Cooperative-owned area lighting.

LED lights use less electricity than High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide and Mercury Vapor lights, and they are more reliable and last longer. LED area lights also distribute light more efficiently and minimize light trespass.

For information about PEC's area lighting fixtures, or to learn more, send an email to PEC's Engineering Standards group.


Download Board resolution

Area Lighting in the Texas Hill Country

Download the resolution approved by the PEC Board