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For Your Security

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Our members rely on us to keep their information confidential. At PEC, we work hard to earn your confidence.

Property Access

Occasionally, PEC will need access to its equipment on members' property. For members' peace of mind and security, the Cooperative often tries to notify members directly as certain work projects get under way. PEC employees carry photo identification cards, and our contractors have letters of authorization from PEC. The only reasons we’ll ever be on members' property are to respond to a request for service or for a variety of business reasons like installing, repairing, maintaining, inspecting or upgrading PEC equipment. We know that security is important to you, and we make every effort to keep you safe.

Locked Gates

If you have locked gates that could block access to our service crews, please let us know the lock combinations. Otherwise, we’ll need to install a PEC lock on your gate. Keys and combinations for our locks are restricted to the crew members who need them.

Identity Check

If you see someone you don’t recognize on your property, ask him or her for identification. All PEC employees carry a company ID, and many travel in vehicles with PEC logos and wear blue PEC uniform shirts. You can always call our toll-free number if you have questions about any of our projects.

Automated Calls

Our Member Services department uses an automated outbound calling process to make calls to our members about past due payments. These automated calls prompt members to call us at 1-888-554-4732 and also give them an option to press the pound key (#) to be routed to a member services representative. If you get one of these calls, please remember you can call us at 1-888-554-4732 between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday if you would like to ensure you are contacting PEC.

System Inventory

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