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PEC employees use rights-of-way to access the Cooperative’s electric lines on private property. Properly cleared and accessible rights-of-way help us provide the quick response to service issues and high level of reliability that our members deserve.

As a condition of receiving electric service, all members grant easement rights to the Cooperative at no cost. This gives PEC the right to clear and maintain rights-of-way and to construct, operate and maintain any facilities required to furnish electric service. It also grants PEC the right to replace, rebuild or remove these facilities, along with the right to serve other members from them. The majority of PEC’s use of rights-of-way will be in routine maintenance of its facilities.

Rights-of-way along our transmission lines range from 30 to 50 feet on both sides of the utility poles, while rights-of-way for distribution lines — those that carry power to homes and businesses — are typically a minimum of 10 feet on either side of the poles. This space allows large utility vehicles and long pole trailers the necessary room to safely maneuver while employees or contractors work to install, repair or maintain electric lines.

For example, some PEC vehicles are more than 12 feet wide when stabilizing outriggers are lowered. A boom truck — used to set or move utility poles — is more than 26 feet long, and these vehicles require at least 14 feet of vertical clearance from the ground. When attached, pole trailers and utility trucks can be more than 85 feet long.

While new rights-of-way typically are cleared by the Cooperative or its contractors, members have the option, by obtaining prior approval from PEC, of clearing their own rights-of-way or hiring a contractor to perform the work. All rights-of-way clearing should meet PEC specifications and should be performed in a timely manner. Existing rights-of-way are maintained by PEC or its contractors.

PEC Truck and Pole Trailer

pole with truck

When attached, pole trailers and utility trucks can be more than 85 feet long. It’s easy to see why ample cleared space is necessary around utility poles.

Properly Cleared Right-of-Way

proper right of way clearance

A properly cleared right-of-way provides ample space for PEC vehicles, employees and contractors to access electric lines.

Improperly Cleared Right-of-Way

improper right of way clearance

An improperly cleared right-of-way inhibits access by PEC vehicles, employees and contractors for the installation, maintenance and repair of electric lines.


Download Specifications

Download PEC’s Distribution Line Rights-of-Way Specifications

Download Policy

Download our Line-Extension Policy, section 300 in our Tariff and Business Rules for Electric Service.