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PEC Empower Loans online applicationFor more than 75 years, PEC has powered this region’s energy needs with reliable, affordable electricity. Now, people not only want electric power, they want to be empowered. To install interconnected solar. To explore new battery technology. To develop new ways to power their lives.

In all kinds of ways, people are thinking of energy differently, and PEC supports this new way of thinking. With low-cost financing and on-bill repayment, PEC Empower Loans can lower the barriers to grid-tied solar installations and battery storage for our members.

To learn more, explore the program criteria, requirements and process below. Visit the System Interconnection page to learn about the policy and agreement required for interconnected systems.

It is the intent of PEC to comply with the requirements of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act as they may apply to any credit program. Members eligible for this financing program must meet creditworthiness standards including evaluation of payment history and other criteria as described herein.

  • PEC Empower Loans Program Fees
  • Loan Requirements
  • Program Criteria
  • Collection and Repayment Guidelines
  • Participation Process

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PEC Empower Loans online application

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Start the application process for a PEC Empower Loan

PEC Empower Loans Manual

PEC Empower Loans Manual

PEC offers loans to members for the installation of grid-tied solar and battery storage systems.

PEC System Interconnection page link

System Interconnection

Learn more about requirements for connecting distributed generation systems to PEC's grid.

Download PEC Interconnection Policy

Interconnection Policy

Download our Interconnection Policy, section 600 in our Tariff and Business Rules for Electric Service.

Download PEC Interconnection Agreement

Interconnection Agreement: 50kW or less

Download our interconnection agreement for installations of 50 kW AC or less. (Word)

PEC Empower Loans Rate

The following rate is effective through
Feb. 28, 2018:
*Posted rate includes 1% for loan administration