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Energy-Saving Trees

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Response has been great and all of the available trees have been claimed. Sign up at arborday.com/pec to be notified when more trees are available.

Saving money and saving energy go hand in hand. Our innovative partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation helps you do both.

Energy-Saving Trees is a free program that shows you where to plant trees on your property to save the most on your energy bill — and then delivers a free tree right to your door. In less than 10 minutes and using your PEC account number, you can claim your tree.

A limited number of trees were available on a first-come, first-served basis. We’ll be ordering more, so please register at arborday.org/pec to be added to the waiting list. This program will also be offered again in the spring.

Important planting tips

When you receive your tree from the Energy-Saving Trees program, you’re agreeing to plant it where you indicated on the interactive map: Not only will this location save the most on your electric bill, it’s also guaranteed to be safely away from our power lines and utility equipment.

Learn more about smart tree placement »

Call before you dig

Any time you’re planning to dig 16 inches or deeper, call 811 or sign in to the Texas811 website and submit your location at least 48 hours in advance so operators providing services in your area can locate and mark underground lines. Not only will it keep you safe, it’s state law.

Meet the trees

All trees will be 2-4 feet tall and shipped in pots during October or November. Choose between three species:

  • Bald cypress
    These beautiful conifers grow at a medium rate, maturing around 50-70 feet tall with a 25-foot canopy. They are often seen near water but can also adapt to dry conditions.
  • Bur oak
    These wonderful shade trees are slow but steady growers, maturing around 70-80 feet tall with an 80-foot canopy. They resist heat as well as oak wilt and can live for 200-300 years.
  • Pecan
    These beloved nut trees grow at a medium rate, maturing around 70-100 feet tall with a 40-75-foot canopy. They bear nuts after 6-10 years and can live for 300 years or more.


General information

What is the Energy-Saving Trees program?

Can a tree really help me save on my energy bill?

Who funds Energy-Saving Trees?

Do I need to be a member to get a tree?

How many trees may I receive?

What if the program runs out of trees?

What size are the trees, and how will they be delivered?

Which species are available?

Which tree should I select?

I’m a PEC member, but I live outside the service area. Can I have a tree shipped to me there?

I have a commercial account. Can I get a tree?

I'm a landlord. Can I get a tree for my rental location?

I'm a tenant. Can I get a tree for the location I rent?

Application troubleshooting

The system is telling me I've already placed an order, but I have not. Why?

What if the map application doesn’t recognize my address?

Help! The system left out part of my address (i.e., the "South" in "South Main Street") when mapping my house. Will I still get my tree?

If the map application places my home in the wrong location, will I still get my tree?

I am completely stuck and frustrated.


Claim a free tree at arborday.org