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PEC members receive annual business update, elect 3 directors

Jun 20, 2015

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PEC Board Directors elected

Paul Graf (District 6, left), Cristi Clement (District 1, center) and Amy Lea SJ Akers (District 7, right) were elected by members to serve a three-year term on PEC's Board of Directors. Election results were announced at the Co-op's annual meeting Saturday, June 20, in Cedar Park.
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Pedernales Electric Cooperative welcomed an estimated 400 attendees at its annual meeting Saturday, June 20, in Cedar Park. The meeting brought together PEC members to participate in the Co-op's election, to learn more about their Cooperative and to speak with the Board of Directors and Co-op staff.

PEC members had a final opportunity to vote prior to the business meeting. Election results were announced near the conclusion of the business meeting, and members elected Cristi Clement of Marble Falls as District 1 director, Paul Graf of Spring Branch as District 6 director and Amy Lea SJ Akers of Hays County as District 7 director. Each will serve a three-year term on the Co-op's Board of Directors.

2015 PEC Board election results

Near the conclusion of PEC’s June 20 annual meeting, Survey & Ballot Systems, which managed balloting for the Co-op, announced that 23,404 total votes were cast, including 15,024 by mail, 8,232 online and 148 in person at the annual meeting. The total votes cast represent 10.32 percent of the Co-op's 226,880 voting-eligible members.

2015 PEC election results:

  • District 1 director
    • 11,500 votes: Cristi Clement
    • 11,228 votes: Mark Axford
  • District 6 director
    • 13,330 votes: Paul Graf
    • 7,727 votes: Larry Landaker
    • 1,632 votes: Max Hosford
  • District 7 director
    • 9,943 votes: Amy Lea SJ Akers
    • 9,327 votes: Jeff Barton
    • 3,357 votes: Douglas Kadjar

Members attending the meeting learned more about the Co-op's upcoming new software and member service features, visited with Co-op staff about renewable energy and energy conservation, and observed a presentation by a PEC lineman about efforts to bring electricity to parts of Haiti.

PEC Chief Executive Officer John Hewa emphasized the millions of dollars saved over the past year, noting that there is more work yet to be done. He highlighted Co-op achievements, including highly ranked service reliability and member services, improved financials and three rate reductions in the past year.

"While we understand there is much to be done, it’s important members leave here today knowing that PEC is making substantial progress," Hewa said. "Some of our new initiatives are providing real value to our members, along the order of $10 million in savings, and we’re excited about future opportunities.

"I could not be more thankful for what is being accomplished by the employees at PEC," Hewa concluded. "They are driving innovation, they're always on and they understand what it means to serve the membership. I’m proud to work with them every day."

Hewa also responded to a number of member comments including some on rates and renewable resources.

Retiring PEC Board President and District 7 Director Dr. Patrick Cox reflected on the Board's achievements during his eight-year tenure. He also spoke about power restoration efforts following the Memorial Day flooding that ravaged the Blanco River Valley. Cox celebrated the accomplishments of PEC's employee teams, calling out a number of groups and highlighting the work they do every day.

"PEC, in many areas, is a best-in-class organization," Cox said. "Our safety, electric reliability and member services all rank among the top tier in the nation, and that is a because of employees like the ones I've mentioned here today. We have become a model of open governance and transparency, and I've been proud to serve on this Board. I'm fully confident PEC is in good hands as it moves into the future."

PEC Board officersA Board special organizational meeting was held immediately following the annual meeting, and officers for the next year were elected as follows:
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  • President: District 5 Director James Oakley (right)
  • Vice President: District 2 Director Emily Pataki (center)
  • Secretary-Treasurer: District 6 Director Paul Graf (left)

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