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Understanding your bill: base power cost

Nov 14, 2017

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You know you pay for the energy you use, but what are all those other items on your bill? Our Understanding Your Bill series helps break it down.

Base power cost

Base power cost is how much your electricity costs to generate per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This cost is set by our wholesale energy suppliers and is billed to you as a direct pass-through cost.

If at any point the base power cost you are billed exceeds the actual cost of power, those margins are returned to you as a credit on your bill. This is called the Power Cost Adjustment (PCA).

PEC bill with base power cost line item highlighted
This is a sample bill of a member enrolled in our traditional flat rate for base power cost.
Click graphic to enlarge.click graphic to enlarge

Flat rate, Time-of-Use or Cooperative Solar?

At PEC, we believe in empowering you to power your life your own way, which means you've got a wide variety of options for how your power is generated and how you pay for it. Depending on whether you pay our conventional flat rate for base power cost, or one of our rate options like Time-of-Use or the forthcoming Cooperative Solar rates, your bill may look a little different.

Time-of-Use Rate

While our flat rate power cost is the same throughout the day and season, wholesale energy prices actually fluctuate: Energy used during low demand times (for example, the middle of the night) costs less per kWh, and energy used during peak demand times (such as 4–6 p.m.) can cost more. If you are conscious of your energy use and are able to shift your use of high-powered appliances to non-peak times, you may see significant savings on this rate. Learn more »

PEC bill with time-of-use rates highlighted
This is a sample bill of a member enrolled in our Time-of-Use Rate option. Rather than displaying one flat rate for base power cost, this line item is broken into different pricing tiers.
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Coming soon: Cooperative Solar Rate

If you're considering solar but rent your home or live in an area with dense shade, we've got a new option for you. Beginning Feb. 1, 2018, you'll have the opportunity to enroll in our Cooperative Solar Rate and subscribe to a portion of the energy generated by our new solar facilities. Depending on the enrollee's use and preferences, the per-kWh cost for this rate will replace or supplement the energy purchased at the base power cost flat rate. Applications open Dec. 4, 2017. Learn more »

Want to learn more about your bill? View our articles on franchise fees, the service availability charge and transmission cost of service, and stay tuned for more in the weeks to come.

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